Forex trading

The way Forex trading functionates

Forex trading is the part of financial market, where people earn due to buying and selling currency pairs.


The Forex market is a foreign exchange market, where currencies, unlike most other market assets, are economic instruments, because they are economic indicators. Drawing a parallel with stock trading, if countries are companies, currencies stand in as their shares.

What affects the value of forex trading assets?

Among the participants in the foreign exchange market, central banks have the greatest weight in the formation of exchange rates. The Central Bank is actually a money supplier for the country in which it operates. Therefore, it forms an offer and demand in this market. The decisions of the banks have a crucial effect on the value of currency pairs. The investors such as individual traders, have influence on the Forex market as well, due to their large amount.


That is why traders should keep up with the news about the decisions of Central Banks around the world. 

Making a profit on Forex trading

A currency pair is a financial instrument, and the main purpose of using any financial instrument is to make a profit.


The traders on forex get profit by means of speculation. It is a clue concept of earning on forex trading. These speculations belong to selling or buying of currency pairs. The principle is to bet on changes in its exchange rate.


Another option for gaining on Forex is the using of automatic systems. The concept lies in selection the traders with the highest percentage of successful transactions and subscribe to their signals. Further, all trading transactions that the trader makes will be automatically copied by your account.

The distinguishing feature of forex trading

Forex trading has its own particular qualities compared to the trading shares. To trade pairs effectively and earn money, you need to consider a number of factors:

Forex market provides wide selection of products despite the fact the only asset is currency.

On the Forex you can choose any currencies pairs, because the choice of it not less than in any other sector of the market.

In trading currency pairs, the crucial part is the time of day. The forex market works around the clock, but the activity of trading in different currencies is different and depends mainly on the time of day.

Volatility is the number of times when the price changes. The more fluctuations a currency makes, the higher volatility is. Volatility depends on a large number of different factors. The principal are the trading time and the fundamental impact on each currency pair. Fundamental impact is, for example, news or statements.

General awareness is another of the crucial factors that affects your trading result. The general drivers of the currency’s movement are macroeconomic indicators of the state that is the issuer of the currency. There are main macroeconomic indicators: GDP, trade balance, consumer price index, employment and, perhaps, the interest rate. 

It is more convenient and easier to trust the opinion of professionals. Currently, almost every major broker has a fairly strong analytical platform, which allows you to receive information in a timely manner.

How to start Forex trading?

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